Re:Framing Cultural Criticism Of Google

Workers can never be more than 100 feet away from food.” This might be the most special slogan in Google. The employees in Google keep using their creation to produce one and another high-quality production in such a free working environment. Why Google can be such a great technology company? It has to do something with its special corporate culture. How to use the culture to influence every employee? This is an inevitable topic to discuss.

A company can be successful only when it develops a kind of culture, this culture can motivate employees to be successful. For a company’s growth and expansion, a corporate culture has a profound influence. So, let’s talk about Google’s culture. First, let’s talk about substance culture in Google. Google provides employees convenient services and humanized working environment. In Google, “free” is considered as part of its culture. Once you are an employee in Google, you don’t to pay for dining, workout, massage, laundry, take showers and even go to see a doctor is free. There is a coffee station on every floor, employees can get them anytime, or eat some snakes. The working environment is pretty loose. Every employee will be equipped at least two big screens for their personal computer. There are average 4-6 employees in the office and the technology support will be 24 hours stand by. You can send your broken laptop or other device to technology support whenever you want. Also, there are many entertainment facilities in Google. You can find volleyball court, swimming pool, pool tables even professional masseurs. Google just like an amusement park, employees can release pressure and go back to work.


Image Credit to EXimPERT Kft.

Secondly, I want to talk about spiritual culture in Google. First of all is innovation. Google allows all the engineers use 20 percent of their time to work on whatever they want. It could be something they are interested in. Even some failure exists, Google is good at using them. Google can have many new productions at a very short time, even though they are not perfect. But Google will allow market to select them. Because Google wants the whole company move fast, some failures cannot stop this. Secondly is freedom. You can see couches near office area everywhere. Employees can drink coffee or chat there. Sometimes people cannot distinguish where is office area and where is resting area. Google wants everyone to be equal, everyone should be respected and everyone’s voice should be heard. When a company trusts its employees, then there will be freedom. This kind of trust is rarely see from other company. Third, the most important is individualism. Employees believe in individualism in Google. Someone could be a hero in the company, someone could be the example for other employees to learn. Google wants this kind of positive influence from someone in the company, they can make lots of benefit for company.


Image Credit to Stephen Brashear/Getty

In all, Google is extraordinary technology company. Its culture influences every employee. A company just likes a country; it has its own culture. In Google, all the employees are equal and be treated respected. There is no upper class or lower class in the Google. Everyone is the same; also, every employee has many free time to work on whatever they want. Because of such culture, Google can be such a great company.