Re:Framing Marxist Criticism and Equestrianism

Equestrianism refers to the skill of riding, driving, steeplechasing or vaulting with horses. This broad description includes the use of horses for practical working purposes, transportation, recreational activities, artistic or cultural exercises and competitive sport. I want to talk about competitive sport. Equestrianism is an extremely expensive sport. Normal people cannot afford the cost of racing horses and racing field. Also, equestrianism becomes a type of relaxation for upper-class people. Upper-class people would like to take riding course in their spare time, which will cost a lot of money. Someone said equestrianism is a nobiliary sport, actually it is. In the famous British nobiliary school, Eton College, which many royal families’ children are studying at, equestrianism is provided. The average cost of  the horses for equestrianism is about 1 million US dollars. In Beijing Olympic games, the value of all horses for equestrianism was over 100 million US dollars. The most expensive horse in the world sold for £5.25m.  It is not for lower-class people to participate, which is too expensive for them.


Photo Credit to Thowra_uk

                What’s more, the cost for raise the horse and the transportation for the horse are pretty expensive as well. People need to take their horses all over the world, the international trip is expensive. A person’s ability to purchase a horse, to raise it, and to transport them to race equates to their possession of money and power. As I just talked about it, it is an expensive sport, only people who are wealthy can participate this sport.

                In order to maintain their horses safe and healthy and their stud-farm clean. These people need to hire people to do this. So, at this time, lower-class people can help out. Upper-class people can hire lower class people to do this job, it also can help lower-class people get a job. Somehow, upper-class people help the society to decrease the unemployment rate, more people have more opportunities to get a job. Because they need someone to serve them. The struggle between haves and have-nots always exists, it is so hard to balance the wealth in the world. In the society, people always compete; if everyone is the same, no one will want to become better. So, the upper-class people have some kind of positive influence to the lower-class people.