Re:Framing Death

Imagine you broke the law because some accidents happened. The judge sentences you will stay in jail for your rest of life. You can’t do anything, you can’t achieve your dream and explore this world. Do you think it is the same as death? Because you have lost your freedom to live out side of the world.


A man in Prison (photo credit to publik15)

What is the meaning of death and living? After people die, they cannot do anything, they lose all the chances to live. It is just the same as in the prison, you are locked in the little cell years and years without doing anything. But out of the prison, the life is totally different. Everybody has different dreams, everybody can be wherever they want. This world is huge and we have to explore it in the limited time. This is how people feel living in the world.

Everyone will die, so people will do their best to do what they want and enjoy their life. Freedom symbolizes living, everyone has right to do what they want when they live. When people lose freedom, just like in the jail which has no differences from death. In some countries, prison means death. Because of  death penalty, some people will end their life in the prison. So, prison can take freedom from others which mean it can take lives from others.

So, prison can symbolize death, no matter short period of “death” of real death. It can make people think more about their life, how much time did they waste. Death always connects prison, either mental death or physical death. They all two kinds of death.

Some people know that they are going to be sentenced to 13 years prison, they would rather killed them self. (Ohio prisoner jumps to his death after being sentenced to 13 years prison) I’m not sure the reason he killed himself, but it connects to my point. For some people, stay in prison just like death. For some people, the condition even worth. Because they will suffer unequal treatment in the prison (No one should burn in prison) and die in the prison.